Our Outreach Director has implemented the Event Evangelism process as the primary outreach tool for EHBC. This effort was first deployed at our Candy Trail event on Halloween, 2017, with a resulting 27 persons accepting Jesus as their Savior! A second deployment on a Belize mission trip in February 2018 (see International Missions page) resulted in 33 persons saved! We started training people in the technique and shared at the Spanish Trace Outreach. Moulton Strawberry Festival (see below), Soul Stock, Russellville Watermelon Festival, and Candy Trail in 2018. God is at work in this endeavor, and we now have in excess of 50 persons in our church who have joined HIm.  We have been to many events in 2019, with amazing results for His glory.  Please join in this exciting opportunity in spreading the gospel in an easy, forthright way!

A Going Church

Moulton Strawberry Festival Event Evangelism Outreach – April 30-May 1, 2021