International Missions

Belize – Feb 24-Mar 3, 2018

EHBC sent a representative on this year’s Fishers of Men (FOM) medical and dental mission to Valley of Peace, Belize, Central America. Our representative took the Event Evangelism program, introduced at the EHBC Candy Trail last year, on the road and God provided amazing results – 33 persons received Jesus as their Savior!! Praise God that, in addition to the 501 persons who received dental care over four days, the first evangelical emphasis on this mission started in 2010 has added souls to the Kingdom
Belize – Feb 16-23, 2019
Four EHBC members went on this year’s FOM medical and dental mission, the tenth year of assisting people in Valley of Peace, Belize.  This year our team of 45 people served about the same number of dental patients as last year, around 500.  Children from two nearby grammar schools are walked over to the clinic, which is set up at the facilities of Valley Baptist church.  This year we again shared the “3 things God cannot do” Event Evangelism program and had 73 salvations and 12 assurances of salvation.  It was exciting to see the work of meeting people’s physical needs yield spiritual fruit for people who were scared to death of us ten years ago!